It's all about being happy and free
Healthy, nutritious food never has to be bland, exercise should be fun, life should be celebrated and your body should be honoured!
Hello and welcome! I'm Zena, the proud owner of Health Nook.
I’m Zena, a Person-Centered Nutritionist & Health Coach. I work with individuals who are low on energy, struggle to follow through on their health goals and who struggle to break free from emotional/ obsessive eating.

I help clients to discover what their unique body requires to maximise performance, increase energy levels, fix their relationship with food & sustain healthy habits in the long run. It’s so rewarding to see how clients go from ‘tired’ and ‘run-down’ to radiant and giving life their all.

Let me help you discover how to reach your goals, live a life you are proud of & feel your best!

About Health Nook

After working as a nutritionist for many years, I realised that people are able to change their ways to better health, but almost always have difficulty sustaining their new healthy habits in the long run. The gravitational pull-back to the familiar is often too strong – which keeps clients away from what they really want in life and from changing their lives in a permanent way. I was adamant to find a way to help clients transform their lives sustainably in the long run.
I then did some research and started reading a lot of Patrick Holford’s (one of the world’s leading holistic nutritionists’) books. I soon noticed that he was one of the directors of an institute in London who was presenting an intensive course in Nutrition and Health Coaching in South Africa (for the very first time). They combined nutritional education and the best nutrition science with personal and challenging accountability health coaching. This included goal setting, overcoming barriers (physical and emotional) and limiting beliefs, psychology and behaviour, breaking old habits and creating new ones, a high level of personal attention and support and professional guidance over a period of time. I enrolled for the course and I am finally at peace – I have found the missing link in terms of what clients really need in order to transform their lives.
I now work as a Nutrition & Health Coach and supportively challenge my clients to overcome barriers that have kept them stuck in repeating patterns and unhealthy lifestyle habits for many years. I help to create a positive environment for change and keep my clients focused and motivated towards their new goals and committed to living a full and healthy life sustainably in the long-run. I do this without forcing anything or without a healthy lifestyle feeling like a punishment. My clients have often commented that they can’t believe they’re losing weight, feeling so energised and also still enjoying food and life. My goal is to help clients experience the freedom of health and discover their body’s intelligence for life long healing and health.
I’m so excited that I’m one of the very first South Africans to be trained by this amazing body of knowledge and being able to have all the info at my fingertips in terms of what it takes to transform lives.
My Health Philosophy:
In my experience, health is not just the absence of disease, but rather an abundance of vitality. Yes, health is not the absence of pain or tension, but it is a real joy in living.
Poor health is not caused by something you don’t have, it’s caused by disturbing something you already have. Healthy is not something that you need to get; it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.
Not only does Health Nook offer health consultations, a wide variety of natural, preservative-free food products and fun, training programs, but we also offer good reading material and tips on the Health Nook blog.

Here’s to your unique journey to health!

I never imagined that healthy eating could possibly be so delicious. I thought that healthy eating meant eating only greens, leaves and bland food. Since I've started with the Health Nook lifestyle plan, I feel amazing and have tons of energy. I just had to change my mindset about what being healthy means. In the first four weeks I lost 6kg's and a whole dress size.

Suné Jones

About 3 weeks ago I started following the meal plan and exercises and can truly say I feel the difference already. I love the combinations of food, it includes food I enjoy and is easy to make. Eating only natural, preservative-free food really makes a difference to how you feel and what might seem difficult to do at first really is not. I was looking to change my lifestyle to a healthy one, include good food and exercise and if in the process I could get rid of some excess fat that would be a bonus. This is most definitely worth my while. I realized that I had to make a change and with the help of Zena it is now not only a dream but a realization. Give yourself the best chance ever.


A while back, I ran out of ideas of what to pack for lunch and what to make for dinner. Usually I ended up making bland food or food that I don’t like just because I thought it’s healthy and “low fat”. The change in my eating habits was an easy change to make and I now I am rewarded with all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy the convenience of ordering the preservative free products that gets delivered to my door.

Ilse Smit

Good day to all "health fanatics" seeking products to enhance their daily diet. Allow me to suggest placing some orders with Health Nook in the future. I have, for some time now, been a client and can attest to the Quality and Service being 1st Class. Also, Zena le Roux, with her perfect figure and lovely personality is an excellent advertisement for her business venture. "A healthy body is the basis for a healthy mind and thus sheer happiness".

Marian Midmer