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Let Health Nook assist you in discovering your body’s intelligence for lifelong healing and health.


One on one:

Do you want to take better care of your health but can’t find the time or headspace to do so? Want to fix your relationship with food, break free from cravings, stop dieting for good & feel confident in your own skin again?


Package includes:

Initial Health Assessment, Healthy Life Plan, 1:1 Nutrition & Health Coaching Sessions, Personal Development Record, Weekly Food Diary Review, Healthy & Delicious Meal Plans, Coaching to break free from non-hunger eating, create healthy habits, accountability partner, continued support & guidance, bespoke support as required.

Group Programs:

You want to take care of your health and have fun along the way with a group of like-minded individuals.

Do you feel exhausted most of the time, experience energy dips & crave carbohydrates & sugar all the time?

This program will get you back on track!

Package includes:

Healthy Life Plan Booklet, Nutrition Success Formula Booklet, Weekly Meetups, healthy meal plans & recipes, coaching to break free from non-hunger eating, create healthy habits, continued support & guidance.

Packages are tailored & bespoke to your needs. Typically, packages cover a 6 to 10 week period as this is where I usually see a change in health and weight taking place. Alternative options in terms of package price and length are available. Contact me to discuss the payment and package options that would suit you.


Please feel free to send through any questions or to let us know what your personal requirements are.

or send an email to info@healthnook.co.za


Health Nook’s consultation office is based in Stella street, Waterkloof, Pretoria

Skype Consultations available.

 Please send an email to info@healthnook.co.za for more info.


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I never imagined that healthy eating could possibly be so delicious. I thought that healthy eating meant eating only greens, leaves and bland food. Since I've started with the Health Nook lifestyle plan, I feel amazing and have tons of energy. I just had to change my mindset about what being healthy means. In the first four weeks I lost 6kg's and a whole dress size.

Suné Jones

About 3 weeks ago I started following the meal plan and exercises and can truly say I feel the difference already. I love the combinations of food, it includes food I enjoy and is easy to make. Eating only natural, preservative-free food really makes a difference to how you feel and what might seem difficult to do at first really is not. I was looking to change my lifestyle to a healthy one, include good food and exercise and if in the process I could get rid of some excess fat that would be a bonus. This is most definitely worth my while. I realized that I had to make a change and with the help of Zena it is now not only a dream but a realization. Give yourself the best chance ever.


A while back, I ran out of ideas of what to pack for lunch and what to make for dinner. Usually I ended up making bland food or food that I don’t like just because I thought it’s healthy and “low fat”. The change in my eating habits was an easy change to make and I now I am rewarded with all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy the convenience of ordering the preservative free products that gets delivered to my door.

Ilse Smit

Frequently asked questions

What are the possible benefits of a Health Nook Consultation?

We can possibly help you to lose weight (reach the ideal weight for your unique body), improve your digestion, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, maximise detoxification, enhance energy metabolism, eliminate food allergies and sensitivities, help you to soothe your mind and to experience freedom!

Where does the Health Nook Consultations take place?

Health Nook’s Consultations take place in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. There is also the option of meeting up with our clients at a location most convenient to them.

What if I’m not located in Pretoria? Can I still sign up for a consultation?

Sure. We also consult over email, Skype or telephone. You get the exact same benefits if you choose to sign up for a virtual consultation.

What if I don’t like the food you suggested in my meal plan?

That is what our consultations are for. Your meal plan is worked out according to your specific preferences.

Is it guaranteed that I’ll lose weight with this program?

There are many different benefits of following Health Nook’s holistic program (weight loss being one of them), but as we’ve got a holistic approach to health, we don’t only focus on weight loss and therefore this is certainly not a quick fix. Our programs are designed so you can possibly follow it for the rest of your life.

What if you suggest a specific food on my meal plan that I don’t have the time to source?

Many of the foods suggested on our meal plans are available through Health Nook’s online store. We deliver to your doorstep once a week. We even have a wide variety of natural, preservative-free ready meals for those who don’t have time to cook or prepare meals.